Peace is the essence of happiness,

And that essence is the true nature of being.

May the absolute truth, the Dharma,

Radiate the blessings of peace to this universe

And in the ten directions throughout all time.  

May all beings live in the limitless light of loving kindness,

compassion, joy, and universal oneness.

May today and everyday, you receive the blessings of the universal truth

And  the perfect spiritual companions.  

(Written by Chime Rinpoche)

Enjoy your day.

Love Shakti

Claiming Love


“Because THAT is what someone who loves themself does!”


The last month for me has had so many things I wanted to share, but everything is accelerating for me that I have literally not had any time to share!  It has been a bit frustrating, but I am here now.  Currently, I feel as if my life is undergoing a major transformation.  I feel these large invisible hands living outside my home and rearranging everything so my life works the way I am asking for it.

We are currently at the tail end of spring break (my son has 2 weeks in April off) so that has also made my time limited here.

To sum up the last few weeks….

As I walked into some really big purposes that you will find out shortly, I have never felt so complete and deeply purposeful.  AT the same time, my personal life definitely felt like my soul was dying, and then I launched my artist website the day after.  The night of a very emotional morning, we had a visiting Tibetan Doctor (Paltul Rinpoche) and I was in the hot seat for my time with him.  I would not call it a “lecture” but it was.  He reminded me how loving kindness is the most important thing.  He reminded me about patience, tolerance and   having my mind in check when it comes to my anger.  It was not easy to listen to what I already know but have chosen to not practice.  It was really hard to watch the thoughts of shame I was encountering within.   Maya Angela always says, “When you know better, you do better.” and yet, it seems somewhat impossible when I am in it.

A few days later my other friend I support as a Tibetan Doctor was visiting me.  She is very gifted, her name is Dr. Nashalla Nyinda.  She had just finished taking a Tibetan Geomancy refresher class (a fancy kind of Feng Shui that has great power in it) and she spent the week rearranging my house.  First with the bedroom to bring harmony and peaceful sleep.  It was noticeable that night and every night since.  Then the entire downstairs was completely rearranged as it was all not working for me apparently.  The front of the house, the colors, every part of my home had some kind of protection, rearranging, or change.

After she left, I spent a few days painting the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathroom….all a color I never would have chosen.  It’s called Mountain Mist.  It is cooling off all the fire we apparently have in the house.  I feel the groundedness, I feel the peace in it.  Even the curtains I bought are a robin egg blue and has made a difference on grounding the energy for me.

My husband and I entered into couples counseling together last weekend.  The external part of my home is reflecting all the internal changes that have occurred and that are showing how important it is to look at something new.  We have been married 15 years and I am just now learning that he doesn’t think he’s ever been able to meet my needs because he doesn’t exactly know what they are.  I find this fascinating.  Truly.  In investigating it with more and more woman, I am hearing the same message over and over, that men don’t understand what women’s needs are.  Is this true?  I just thought it was a Shakti thing and my husband.  But really, the bottom line is always the same.  Do I matter?  Do you care enough about me to be my witness in life?  Are you willing to connect with me as I walk my path and you walk your path.  There’s so much here to chat about, but I will save it for a separate blog post.

What really fascinates me are the supporters that are showing up in my life right now.  Angela Montano has a program called Rethink Prayer.  She is a living breathing prayer wheel in my opinion.  She is brilliant and has the most tender loving nature.  Her words speak through me in every layer.  My biggest “THING” that I can see that has been getting in my way for self-love is I have lost my “FAITH in LOVE”.  So as I am stepping out more and more on to bigger platforms, I am recognizing that my question of What would someone who loves themselves do, has become “BECAUSE that is what someone who loves them self does!”  And that for me, is claiming love.  I am saying, I am willing to have faith in change.  I am willing to give my fears over to a bigger power and say “I can do this” because that IS what someone who loves them self does.

As I say yes to being “brave and scared” at the same time, as I say yes to “Faith in Love” and as I say yes to “It’s ok for me to be myself”, my life is accelerating and showing up in ways that require me to stay strong, and hold on.  My thoughts of how I handle things are clearly different.

I am embarking in Part 2 of Brene Brown’s e-course of The Gifts of Imperfection and absolutely thrilled to know how far I have come.  I can see as the layers of shame have fallen  away, my ability to accept myself for who I am are expressing more.  I still have extremes going on and I am still quite emotional at times, but this is part of who I am.  I can accept that.    Learning new ways of communicating, learning new tools for cultivating and practicing them are becoming my “normal” way of thinking now.  Such an amazing foundation to share.  I really have many things to share and write, however there is only one brain in my head and the push I am doing to finish a project to share for my one year anniversary is taking much of my time.  I will do my best to post inspiring things for the next few weeks.  :-)  This is an amazing time for me.  Very profound.  I look forward to my one year up date, my offerings I have at that time will be very clear as well.  Or mostly done.  My guides are all telling me it had to be done like “yesterday”….and I just remind them all, I do have small children!  They just smile at me and are patient.

Love, Shakti


Aligning with Ones Purpose

Welcome Spring

Magic is in the air.  Answered prayers, as my therapist is saying, creating miracles for me.

In the wake of my life, I am always amazed how these moments that I call “aligning with my purpose” show up.   I never know when they are going to happen, but they do happen and when they do, It FEELS AMAZING.  I feel complete.  I feel like my life is absolutely amazing and that I am very lucky.

I think the connection to source or truth brings us that experience of alignment.  As I continue with my “What would someone who loves themself do?” daily asking, I find that my life flows really well now.  The question is back (fully) and why it left for a few months is beyond my understanding.  I went deep into some heavy purification and the clarity was just unavailable.  Or perhaps when one is cocooning, there isn’t any outside access and I was really just having to work with all the stuff that came up for me.  And of course, being a snake year, there has to be a shedding the skin that happens.  So perhaps that explains something.

I am currently in my new skin and LOVING what is being created.  I am focused with much purpose and responsibility with where I am heading and what I want to make of myself in life.  After all, isn’t that what started this mission.  To become who I have always believed I am meant to be.  And so walking in my authenticity is feeling safer and stronger.  I am still a baby, but the crawling phase is a lot more fun then not moving at all.  New Beginnings are everywhere.

With that in mind, I want to share one of my new beginnings that has created itself.  I am very excited to share my artwork in a way that you (my readers) have access to enjoy it in your homes and offices, or perhaps even gift them.  My artist website was recently born a few weeks ago.  I have both photographs and artwork (watercolor and mixed media).  You can buy prints of all sizes, buy them on canvas, metal, acrylic and even print them on different papers (including watercolor paper).  You can get gift cards and even iPhone cases for some of the images.  It is VERY fun for me to see my artwork like this.  I even want to buy!  LOL  Just so I can cover my walls.  Some of the originals are for sale and will be mentioned if available.

Please Visit:

Shakti’s Soul Expressions

In honor of the Spring Equinox, I am promoting a special one time offer limited offer for this print above on this page titled “Welcome Spring.

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When checking out, you will have a place to enter it.  Fine Arts America will ship ANYWHERE in the world.  Yup…it’s available to you anywhere you live, so please find a print that calls to you and buy it.  Each painting has a vibration that adds to any space the joy and delight it brings.

Please share this with everyone you know.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email.  What makes me so happy about it is that I feel like it allows me to really share a part of me with you.

The next few surprises will be coming very soon.  I have been incredibly lucky to feel so much purpose in my life.  Of course, we all know that “Luck” is really all about application and doing the work.  The unfolding of 2014 has been revealing itself to me recently and I can see just how much work I have done to get here.  My foundation of self-love is clearly being built.  

Magic and Miracles…..xoxo, Shakti

10 Months….Wow!



“A Journey of a 1,000 miles must always begin with a single step.”

And with that single step, we never know where the end is.  That place we call “the unknown” or  “mystery” is where we are heading, but only by starting and being available to show up in life, do we realize that moment is “right now.”  What we think of as over there, is really inside us and not anywhere else.  Every step is our “right now”.  Every step that we dare greatly and show up with, we are changing our destiny.  We have no idea where we are heading when we take that first step, we just know we have to start.

 Transformation ALWAYS takes place on the inside before it shows up on the outside.

It’s really amazing to me that it’s been 10 months.  Mostly because when I think what can be accomplished in 10 months doesn’t seem like a long time, but in actuality, it is quite a long time for me.

 Time and space are phenomenons.  We perceive them in linear time, when they really don’t exist in that fashion, but our minds perceive them that way.  It’s not easily understood what non linear time means.  I have had many occasions to experience non linear and it’s always incredible to believe when it happens.  My weirdest one I think was when I had a fever one time a few years ago.  I remember laying in bed sleeping and I must have gone into a dream.  The dream felt so real though.  It was experienced as a very long time and when I pulled out of it only an hour had passed and I thought it had been at least a day in a half.  I was very confused.

When it comes to healing the heart and mind, time can prove so differently.  When healing occurs, the subconscious allows for the natural flow of grace and miracles to continue to pour in.  And when it does, nothing appears the same, does it?  Life feels richer and honestly, I can not imagine what is in store for me.  I know it’s big…..

As I move into the home stretch of my year with only 2 months to go, I can honestly say I have mixed feelings about having done this challenge for a year.  I am still aware of the resistance I have for my relationship with my family and my husband, but I am making progress.  New thoughts are generating new patterns and new space to be created and with that healing is happening….but it feels very slow.  There was a lot in my heart that needed to “bleed” out in tears.  I feel I have made a healthy turning point. Phew….  I don’t think the last 4 months are my “normal”.   It has been intense.  This really has been brought about because of the commitment I have made.  Because of it, I feel the “no turning back” part has been exhausting since I’m not at the destination  that’s waiting for me.  So it is with the concept ” A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step”.

It really is a journey, one with obstacles, winding roads and breathtaking  vistas.  Some days I  feel it is endless in sight.  Over the last month, I have been pushing forward with the “brave and scared” and “brave and bold” as if one foot is strong and saying YES! and the other foot is weaker saying, “Do I have to?”.  This is life and this is by far the most understanding I have to feeling it all and doing it anyway.

I have much going on behind the scenes that I have not revealed.  I have been holding many surprises back.  My apologies, but that really is how one holds the energy of creation to bring it to life without dissipating it’s forces before its time to come out of the dark.  Over the next couple of months, I will be showing you what I am talking about.  How I have made steps forward in showing up and daring greatly.

If all goes well, I will have much of it out in the open by the end my years commitment (which is May 5th).  With all the “behind the scenes” that I have been doing, I have not been writing so much.  I can only allocate my time/energy/brain to so many things and I have had to be present with what keeps showing up for me.  I am sorry to not open up just yet.  All good and great things have their time and space for when they arrive.

You will not be disappointed though.  :-)



Heart Sense….Letting Go of the Mind


“Oh the tangled web we weave within. Grieving that which we can bear no longer. Connected to our truth we untangle what we can, when we can. There is no place for disconnect when we heal ourselves deep within. The only suffering that exists is in the mind that says we are abandoned and alone. We suffer through ignorance and lose our place when we numb ourselves to avoid our truth. What is our truth? The one who denies such truth is our enemy. But our enemies are our teachers. So in truth we suffer only to spare ourselves that which we believe we can not bear.”

February has been a very heart-felt month. Surrendering and humbled, I sit with my tears and feel once again the confusion between grief and suffering.

I once asked a dear friend of mine what she thought the difference between grief and suffering was. Her answer was profound and true. Grief has an end whereas suffering doesn’t. Through the years, I have witnessed this within myself. Almost always when the tears of grief shed, there will always come a place of closure. Even though it may feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, and out of control there will always come a moment where I move through the grief.  I gain myself back and feel a sense of peace and even some inner light. Relief was given where pressure had built up to the point where a release was needed.

Suffering, in my experience always comes from a place of isolation, disconnect and abandonment (to oneself or with others). I often feel it is impossible to reach out to someone when I am crying through disconnect, as the suffering feels so isolating. Belonging and Connection are deeply desired within ourselves that if we don’t have it, we can experience such emotions through disconnect.

The only means that I know of to connect back when I feel I am in the loop of suffering is breathing and prayer. Recognizing that I am suffering is important because if I don’t ask if this is grief, I will cry and cry and cry feeling a deep loss within and without.

When we find ourselves facing difficult and emotional times, look to see if you are grieving or if you have decided to numb out through disconnect. We don’t do it intentionally, it can be out of habit and fear of experiencing our intense emotions. Giving ourselves permission to be human is very much a process of surrendering and acceptance of what is.

“What is” often feels like we are itching to get out of our skin. “What is” often feels like we want to run and hide.  

However, “What is” is simply being present with what is. Acknowledging the emotions, acknowledging our pain or sadness so we can accept it. Acceptance brings truth to where we are in this moment. And in doing so, great healing takes place.

That is a miracle, in my opinion.  

© All rights reserved.  2014


Happiness 101


“When we appreciate the good, the good appreciates.”

Tal Ben-Shahar gives a remarkable presentation on happiness.

Watch Video here.

Do we give ourselves permission to be human?

Do we give others permission to be human?

Do we accept our intense emotions?

Are we lazy?  Are we active?  How do we handle stress?

Do we give ourselves time to replenish?  Do we simplify when the “busyness” gets out of control?

Are we savoring what is in the moment?

Do we meditate?  Do you practice cultivating gratitude?

3 deep breaths….

Real change only comes with action.

Applying ourselves through action.



This is my life.  The awareness to it all and yet, watching this brought me  a heavy heart.  Knowing and applying are very different concepts.  I am actually applying myself in a lot of areas, but like with anything, once you know better, you want to do better.  There lies the problem.  I know better and yet, I am unable to do better.  Why?  Because I still rely on outside influences to the degree that keep me from the self-care I really need.   With little ones, it’s just impossible to have any kind of flow to my day.  So really it’s about not being attached and going with what shows up.  But my basic needs don’t get met and then I lose ground on the “doing better when I know better”.  

Finding balance with a family is an art and I can see I have lots of learning in this arena.  Today, showing up was enough.  I can accept that.  Baby steps…it’s the best I can do today.  

xoxo,  Shakti



Creating Life….

Butterfly 2

“When you hold on to your history, you do so at the expense of your destiny.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes

I just love this quote. It pretty much sums up what I am doing. When we have spent a lifetime defining ourselves from our story, we limit ourselves. Breaking out of this allows one to unfold and discover just how much energy is freed up for you to create. Create your life. Creative expression comes out in a million different ways for everyone. When you let the history go, you are free to create. Free to be and do anything. You have the passion, the drive and the energy to move in any way you want to. Isn’t that worth its weight in gold? Why would you choose anything else.

I know the ego wants to believe and have justice for whatever it is that you are holding on too. Sometimes, all we can do is take baby steps. But with each baby step you take in creating and expressing yourself as you are right now, without the story, you allow life and its mystery’s to live through you.

This morning I witnessed a lot of emotions wanting to surface. It really did not matter what the story was. The emotions wanted to be released. My mind gets really unsettled when stuff wants to bubble up and out in overwhelming ways. So I made every effort to allow it while creating and expressing. I put on my favorite music and for 3 ½ hours I painted. I allowed myself to be nourished by the music, by the colors and by just being present with what is.

I love watercolors. I love that spring wants to emerge out of me. And I love that I found a way to connect with what comforts me while working out the releases. Nothing bad happened, I found myself feeling the music and creating what needed to be expressed without the story. It was powerful. I am thankful that I was able to have this time to myself.  Here is what I made.

Butterfly 3