Welcoming Fall- 6 Tips on How to Transition into this Season with Ease.


“Come, little leaves” said the wind one day,

“Come over the meadows with me, and play;

Put your dresses of red and gold;

Summer is gone, and the days grow cold.”

Soon as the leaves heard the wind’s loud call,

Down they came fluttering, one and all;

Over the brown fields they danced and flew,

Singing the soft little songs they knew.

~Author Unknown~


Preparing for Autumn days ahead



As we all know, in the past this has been one of my most difficult times of year.  I have gained a lot of wisdom and tools in the last year, so it is with a lot of faith that this year I will have a different experience.  As I gain strength  in my new choice muscles as to what works and doesn’t work, I am filled with possibilities.  Today, what I know for sure is that prayer works.  I have been praying for the courage to transition into fall with grace and divine love.

That being said, a number of things have shown up for me in the last week that I place this in the “answers to my prayer” box.  I went on a call with Justin Elledge (A medical intuitive who is known as the Human MRI) last week and found myself asking about Seasonal Affective Disorder.   I explained how my brain does this weird thing at the end of October and how difficult it is to manage the next 4 months without damage control on the other half of the year that I function so well.  This has been my experience living in the Northwest for the last 10 years for sure.  And now, with the added blessings of prayer, I think I have possibility for living in the Pacific Northwest with more ease over the fall and winter.

I was lucky enough to get my questioned answered.  I am sharing it because I believe I am not the only one affected here and it will help others.  The interview was on Unbounded Potentials.  You can listen to the replay here.  Basically what he said for me regarding fall is this:



He said that as the sun shifts away from me in the Pacific Northwest (and Northern Hemisphere), the energy field of the Aurora Borealis becomes more affected by more power and suppresses me. (In other words, my electrical field shuts down completely)  The Atmospheric electricity is affecting me and grounding me will be effective. So it’s not just the sunlight that disappears, but the electromagnetic spectrum of the winter months in the northern climates. Staying grounded is essential.  That means connecting with the earth bare footed.  However, that does NOT sound inviting during the cold damp rainy days.   This is just so fascinating. So I went and looked up exactly what the Aurora Borealis is, and I find it to be interesting. It said it is produced by basically three things:

1. The solar wind – a continuous flow of the Sun’s magnetic field carrying charged particles (electrons and protons) from the Sun’s atmosphere far out into the solar system.

2. The “magnetosphere” – the area surrounding the Earth containing its magnetic field. The magnetic field is concentrated at the north and south magnetic poles.

3. The Earth’s atmosphere – the protective shield of gases that surrounds the planet.

Electrically charged particles come from space (1) and enter the Earth’s magnetosphere (2). They accelerate along the Earth’s magnetic field lines which concentrate at the poles. The particles then plunge into the upper atmosphere (3) where they collide with the gases that surround the Earth.

These collisions create energy, and the excess energy is given off in the form of light emissions. We call these light emissions the Northern Lights.

Justin did said that people with SAD can feel it all the way up into the Arctic.

I talked with a friend and he suggested getting Earthing Products.  You can learn more about this here.  It has been all very fascinating.  I worked with an other Energy Healer yesterday that started the process to help me shift this pattern.  Now, I don’t really know what that looks like yet, but I am having comfort in my prayers being answered thus far.  I also know getting to a sunny area is not just a treat over the winter.  It’s a necessity for self-care.  I don’t have an option.  So that will be a new thing for me.

He did mention the obvious about vitamin D deficiencies creeping in.  It’s hard to believe that 10,000 is not enough.  Anyways, here is a beautiful compilation of ideas to reflect on.

6 Tips on Transitioning into Fall:

(From Compass of the Heart by Loren Cruden)

1)  Focus on Sorting:  Focus on what needs release and what should be stored.  Find your balance and what serves it.  Pause and look at where you are, getting a sense of how to move in the coming cycle.  Look at where you have been, and integrate the lessons derived.  Take care of unfinished business.

2)  Focus on beauty.  Tune into life’s song.  Align with a natural rhythm that nurtures grace.  Let your consciousness abide in beauty, move in beauty, reflect beauty, invoke beauty.

3)  Focus on evening energies.  Make prayers of gratitude and good heart.  Let go of anxieties and tension.  Send awareness into the between places of transition, transmutation, and mystery.  Open to larger possibilities.  Tune into the subtler realms.  Work with a fluidity of consciousness.

4)  Focus on deepening the heart.  Expand your willingness to love, to be compassionate, to forgive, to let go, to nurture.  Dissolve beliefs or boundaries that hold you away from the heart’s strength.  Express generosity.  Learn to embrace without grasping.  Free your griefs and let them flow toward healing.

5)  Focus on guidance and dreaming.  Explore divination.  Develop intuition and lucid dreaming.  Get a clearer sense of relationship and guides and teachers.

6)  Focus on useful introspection.  Perhaps go on a retreat or arrange a time of solitude.  Bring your spiritual practice to a new level or resource and power.  Look within with the intentions of release and movement.  Proceed with whole heartedness.  Dispel shadows.

I know many people struggle with transitioning into the fall and winter days.  I am not alone here.  There are other affective things like the OTT lights and full spectrum light bulbs (replacing them in the main room you are in or all the rooms if you are highly motivated).

Please share your stories of what has worked for you if you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). And Please share this on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or email.  This is something that can really benefit others.  Much love, 










Just write she say’s….Just write!

photo 1

Everyday I am trying to find the step back into my blog.  I really have so much to share.  And yet, to maintain balance, I have to be honest with myself and not perform honesty.  There is no way to do it all.  I’m not even trying.  It is so frustrating.  I love feedback also, so if you would like to have more input with things that I am doing.

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My goals are:  

1)  Post once a week

2) Pre-launch my book this fall (Because my book is here!)

3) Do a painting art project called “Celebrating my Life”…your very own book of your core essences that honor who you are.  

4) Share what I am up to for my own healing.  I have stepped it up and it’s really working!

5)And finally, just inspire.  Whether it’s through words or art, I offer inspiration and encouragement.  Even when I’m in the crazy chaos of my life.  Oh the stories…last weeks was a doozy.  

I want to hear from you all.  Feedback is so very helpful.  Thank you for joining me on my Facebook page. But I will do polls here as well.  Stay tuned.  It’s only been 2 full weeks that my kids have been in school and I am drinking up the “self-care” time for myself.  It’s hard to do anything else just yet.  This is my plea for forgiveness.

Much love,



Change is in the Air


“When we train our mind in how to die,

we directly influence ourselves on how to live.”

~ Shakti Chionis

What does impermanence mean?

We all live in a world of movement.  The seasons cycle, there is birth and death moment to moment.  We witness it within ourselves as simple as our breath cycling in and out and as profound as how much we change from birth, through adolescent all the way through old age and finally we come to death…if we live a long life.  For others their path may be shorter.  Regardless of length, there is a cycle of birth and death.

Nature carries the same cycles within  the seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter.  In the growing of a plant and flowering and dying.  Everywhere we go we see change.  And yet, being open to change is one of humans biggest resistance.  Why?

With so much information going around with Robin William’s recent death, people are talking.  People are looking.  Looking for answers, looking for understanding and looking for meaning and comfort in what seems to some a selfish act on his part.  Everyone seems to have an opinion.  And ultimately who is the opinion benefiting?

 Is it kind?  Is it true?  Is it necessary?

Where does one turn to when everyone is looking for the same answers and comfort?

The same grasping.

Some turn to religion, some turn to addiction and some turn to friends, family, social media while others go and search within.  What are the answers?   Answers to depression.  Answers about mental illness.  Answers about how someone so funny and so obviously committed to others well-being care so little for themselves or family?  Who’s opinions are these?  How does it relate to you?

What  is it that we are really afraid of?  Why are people so rattled?  There is death around us all the time.  Do you not see it?  Our mortality is real and how one dies apparently is becoming the universal point of expansion in our lives.

Change brings both fear of death and fear of the unknown to a pinhead.  

I want to share a story here.  At least 10 years ago (maybe more), I once went on a retreat on Salt Spring Island (in British Columbia)  and the Buddhist nun there was incredible. I told her that I have been to many teachings and read several dharma books and they all say to reflect on death. Some say even 10 x a day. Not to dwell on it but to understand the nature of impermanence. I asked her does this make it happen?  As in would we manifest dying  because we would be thinking about it so much.  She said no. Then she explained that death is a law like gravity. It’s going to happen no matter what.  So being afraid of something that happens no matter what isn’t worthy of running from.  Rather facing it and understanding it so when the time comes you are at ease with it.

I have learned by reflecting on death it allows us to grasp the quality of its reality. That all things are impermanent. When we train our mind in how to die, we directly influence ourselves on how to live. It brings a profound view of how precious everything is. It brings a deeper gratitude into our beings. It brings joy and love and other precious gifts fuller and deeper into our being.  The quality of life expands and opens us up to being more available to what possibilities exist instead of resisting things out of fear. I have found many religions bring so much fear to people. Unless your faith about death is unwavering from a near death experience, most people fear the unknown. I believe this unknown is more of the issue then death itself.

The Buddha says, “Everything is like a bubble.  You never know which comes first, tomorrow or the next world.”.

These words are engrained deep inside of me.  For I continue to train my mind to know what’s most important.  In doing so, when life events happen, I have developed resilience to what I see and fear. My faith in the unseen is protecting me.  My faith in myself is stronger and I will be a person others can lean into for support during tough times.  Without this foundation, my mind will blow like the wind and have nothing to cling on to.  It will pass through all the stories not knowing which one to grasp and cling to for dear life.

Robin Williams really has given us many many gifts if you want to know.  The most important one I believe is the gift of just how precious human life is.  What more do you want?  What more can you say?  Ultimately it is our own path to walk alone on and it is our passion for living that will touch others.  It is with this hope that we may reach out to one another in humanity and lean on each other and bless each other with the grace of love.

Peace be with you.


Miracles and More

Let go of who you think you are and fly with your wings of who you really are. 

Robin William’s Last Gift- by Peter Coyote


“The only thing that never changes is change itself. All things are impermanent.” ~ Buddha

Peter Coyote, a Zen Buddhist Priest, wrote a lovely letter to help others find peace in how Robin Williams chose to end his life.  I found it on Facebook and feel it’s important to share, so I am posting it on my blog (see below).   I hope it helps you  shift any perceptions on such a heavy topic.  I have mixed feelings on what is going on and part of me feels Robin’s calling for leaving is as big as his life was.  He battled with what so many of us have battled with.  Our mind, our thoughts of suffering and how helpless we fall victim to them.  When we are isolated in our suffering, or have some kind of mental illness, our minds strength to just “reach out” for help is often not a realistic possibility for some.  Is it possible to change it?  I believe it is, with the right mix of helpers, prayers, and outreach.   Will everyone have success?,  possibility not, but without starting or trying, how would we know.  And how does one start?  How does one bypass the shame or the fears in reaching out?  Or even know they have something “wrong that needs fixing”.  As long as society thinks that those who have some kind of “mental illness” is different from them, there will always be this “hands off or hands out of reach” approach.

I do not have a labeled “mental illness” and yet, for me, my thoughts of depression or suffering of my mind have been probably as debilitating as some.  My fears to reach out and stay isolated are real and are my choices are based out of fear at times.  However, I know to ask if what I’m thinking is the “collective energy” around me.  Are they really “my thoughts”?  Or because I am so empathic, are they the collective?  There is a movie called “Wings of Desire”,  a German film where these 2 angels can hear everyone’s thoughts.  It’s a buzz of energy that has to be drowned out or one would go crazy.  Learning to discern what’s ours and others is a valuable lesson to learn.  Separating out what’s “my business” or “someone else’s business” is also necessary for an empath.

I have had suicidal thoughts in my past and I have also had profound Buddhist teachings about the mind and what happens to the mind when we die.  I reflect on these because it’s important to me to know how to face my  fears.  If looking at my mind causes so much fear, pain and suffering, then there is more work to be done.  No judgment, no finger-pointing, just awareness that there are layers wanting to be peeled away.  I have also experienced profound inner peace.  It’s the same mind that experiences the same kind of suffering.  This brings freedom of choices.  The choices of how I want to live in my mind.  And if I choose inner peace, then I can declare peace and find ways to start seeing it around me and bringing it in and toward me as opposed to living in my suffering.  However, that does require effort on my end.  Effort to make daily choices of how I want to think and live.  Effort to be present.  Effort to know what choices I want.  It may not seem like a big deal, but it is.

When awareness begins to take charge of our thoughts, new perceptions begin to take place.  AND they are instantaneous, not “let’s wait and see” but immediate.  This is valuable information to the suffering mind.  Looking for ways to get out of our suffering is as old as man itself.  That’s why people overeat, drink, smoke, gamble, watch tv, do video games, etc….  Everything that can distract the mind, and numb us out of our feelings are many ways to not deal with our suffering.  Unfortunately disconnecting is also not an answer, it creates many more problems.  How is it that we can live in our bodies, our minds and find inner and outer peace without looking for outside fixes?   It all starts with our thoughts, our intentions and our desires for how we want to live.  Let’s learn from Robin Williams last gift as to how we choose to live.  May you rest in Peace Robin.  You have been loved by millions. I honor you and your path and your choices.


Robin William’s Last Gift- Peter Coyote

Robin and I were friends. Not intimate, because he was very shy when he was not performing. Still, I spent many birthdays and holidays at his home with Marsha and the children, and he showed up at my 70th birthday to say “Hello” and wound up mesmerizing my relatives with a fifteen minute set that pulverized the audience.

When I heard that he had died, I put my own sorrow aside for a later time. I’m a Zen Buddhist priest and my vows instruct me to try to help others. So this little letter is meant in that spirit.

Normally when you are gifted with a huge talent of some kind, it’s like having a magnificent bicep. People will say, “Wow, that’s fantastic” and they tell you, truthfully, that it can change your life, take you to unimaginable realms. It can and often does. The Zen perspective is a little different. We might say, “Well, that’s a great bicep, you don’t have to do anything to it. Let’s work at bringing the rest of your body up to that level.”

Robin’s gift could be likened to fastest thoroughbred race-horse on earth. It had unbeatable endurance, nimbleness, and a huge heart. However, it had never been fully trained. Sometimes Robin would ride it like a kayaker tearing down white-water, skimming on the edge of control. We would marvel at his courage, his daring, and his brilliance. But at other times, the horse went where he wanted, and Robin could only hang on for dear life.

In the final analysis, what failed Robin was his greatest gift—his imagination. Clutching the horse he could no longer think of a single thing to do to change his life or make himself feel better, and he stepped off the edge of the saddle. Had the horse been trained, it might have reminded him that there is always something we can do. We can take a walk until the feeling passes. We can find someone else suffering and help them, taking the attention off our own. Or, finally, we can learn to muster our courage and simply sit still with what we are thinking are insoluble problems, becoming as intimate with them as we can, facing them until we get over our fear. They may even be insoluble, but that does not mean that there is nothing we can do.

Our great-hearted friend will be back as the rain, as the cry of a Raven as the wind. He, you and I have never for one moment not been a part of all it. But we would be doing his life and memory a dis-service if we did not extract some wisdom from his choice, which, if we ponder deeply enough, will turn out to be his last gift. He would beg us to pay attention if he could.


I am back….mostly.


“My most honest teachers I have.  So many gifts they bring into the world”.

My apologies to my disappearing act.  I went on a well needed personal retreat and then our family took a trip to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming and then to Yellowstone.  I have come back more restored for sure.  Although, driving 2 days with 2 small kids in a Honda Civic may not be exactly what re-entry looks like from a week off in retreat.  It was definitely a pop quiz.  As I settle more and define my new school year schedule, I will be posting more.  At some point over the next few months, I am attempting to move everyone over to my websites blog (which is the same) so I don’t have to do double entries.  But my learning curve is still new and I have plenty on my plate for sure.

My new moto…I am aiming for the remaining of the year.  LESS is MORE…  We shall see.  I have a lot of goodies to share, a lot of funny stories hopefully to tell about our trip and some brilliant new photos to add to my artist’s website.  As well as more paintings.  I just need the time and space to add them.

My retreat was remarkable.  I found a language that washed over me and through me.  I have much clarity and much joy that a bridge has been made for my marriage, my children and my life’s work.  I find it amazing that it has been now 3 months past my 1 year commitment.  The question of “What would someone who loves themselves do?” is very near and dear to me and it also does not control my everyday life.  I have learned quicker techniques to help me access the same and over time I will share those as well.  In the meantime, I will be transitioning back into home and then my kids start school after Labor Day.  I will have different hours as I will actually have time for myself….thank goodness.




These photos were taken at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  Copyright 2014 August.  Do not use without permission.

What a gift! True generosity.


The Greatest Man on Earth



“One simple act of kindness sheds a million blessings to all.”


The interdependent nature of all phenomena is a mystery.  Especially when you see how one man spreads his gifts of giving to the simplest part of humanity, feeding not only physical nutrition, but mental nutrition as well.  Humanity would grow leaps and bounds if we could all reach out this way.  I am honored to know that this man is diligently working towards creating no separation here.  So profound.


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